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Discover beauty & hair products of African culture for black women.


Our Cosmetic Culture

If there was one instrument that could symbolize a traditional African kitchen, it would be, without a doubt, the mortar and pestle.


One of the most common images of daily African life is a woman pounding food in a wooden mortar. It’s our food blender & spice grinder all in one, but it is more than just a kitchen appliance.


The mortar and pestle is considered sacred in many African countries. At Midnight Roots, we handcraft our cosmetic through ancient hands on techniques, in honour of our ethnically diverse African heritage.



With the increasing rise of black women embracing their natural hair, it is no wonder that many brands are trying to create products that work especially on kinky-afro hair types - primarily 4c. Introducing our Hair Growth Enhancement Scalp Ointment Formula' - H.G.E 


Not only have we researched, formulated and tested this scalp elixir but we have innovated its rare simplicity to deliver world class scalp care results. Our uniquely balanced formula consists of three major ingredients. This very fact contributes immensely to why our signature formula delivers such world class results. 

Be sure to explore the scientific isight we provide through our in depth detailed research on these individual ingredients, but before we even go any further into H.G.E, let us talk and see just how we are advancing African cosmetics in formulating our signature H.G.E and why our approach to formulating a natural and therapeutic handcrafted cosmetic delivers world class clinical results and always to a standard of true African British luxury, whilst promoting the benefits of scalp care with our culturally traditional hands on application techniques.



80% of the hair products marketed at black women throughout the global African disapora contain harmful chemicals. We are 
playing an active role in changing this with our scientific research and conscious knowledge of scalp and afro hair care. 
We are a UK natural clinical and therapeutic cosmetics company and our African brand is dedicated to black women throughout the
diaspora. Our luxury cosmetics vision is driven by our focused efforts in advancing natural scalp, hair and beauty therapy. We
are the one true brand that promises to deliver quality results  for your natural kinks and skin, whilst providing specialised  scientific insight.

We are Midnight Roots.

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