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H.G.E Scalp Ointment Formula

Hair Growth Enhancement

Radiate Beauty
From The Inside Out With Organic
Hair Growth Enhancement

See our purely natural H.G.E formula from £55.99 



With the increasing rise of black women embracing their natural hair, it is no wonder that many brands are trying to formulate products that work especially on kinky-afro hair type. Introducing our signature Hair Growth Enhancement Scalp Ointment Formula' - H.G.E. We have not only researched, formulated and trailed this scalp elixir but we have innovated its rare simplicity to deliver world class clinical and therapeutic scalp care results. Our uniquely balanced formula consists of three powerful ingredients. Significantly, this fact contributes immensely to why our signature formula promotes a healthier scalp and nourished maximised hair growth. 

Before we even go any further, let us talk about these individual ingredients and discover the roles they play in our signature H.G.E. formula and why we believe there are truly no other better natural and organic ingredients that produce this luxurious sensual experience, whilst advancing natural therapeutic benefits of scalp care with our culturally traditional African hands on application techniques.



Virgin coconut oil is extracted from cold pressed coconuts and is a stunning oil that can be used to moisturise the skin along with scalp and hair. There are many types of coconut oils to choose from, but most women prefer virgin (unrefined) coconut oil for cosmetic use.
It has a variety of properties and characteristics that set it above all other oils. But it may not be enough for full nourishment of the scalp. Alone, it may certainly not be enough for achieving maximised increased hair growth benefits many 4c hair growers are seeking.

Acts as a conditioner -This oil penetrates the hair shaft with ease, conditioning it from the inside making it soft and easy to manage. Applying it before washing, ensures easier detangling and helps oils not get stripped away by the shampoo after wash.
Moisturiser - Due to its ability to easily be absorbed by hair, it is a great moisturizing oil and helps to add shine by reducing frizz and breakage thus retaining both moisture and length.
Reduces protein loss from hair - Hair is made up of protein, but the protein content is lost every time you wash your hair. This oil however, is the only oil that helps in the reduction of protein loss in hair, essentially making it stronger.
Antibacterial and Anti-fungal properties - These properties greatly increase scalp health by fighting off lice, insect bites and even dandruff.

As you contemplate on all the vitality that coconut oil has to offer, let us dive in to the next ingredient that is as important if not more to the formula, shall we?


Ylang-Ylang is next on our formula list (pronounced ee-lang ee-lang) which is derived from a star shaped flower of the cananga tree. It is native in India, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Australia.

Apart from its richly fruity divine scent, this essential oil has a number of clinically proven medicinal benefits that are guaranteed to capture your interest.

Mood enhancer and reduce hair loss - Whether inhaled or applied, it has shown to brighten the mood significantly and also relieve stress and anxiety.  This is great because it also combats stress related hair loss and alopecia.
It contains the compound linalool - This compound has antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti- inflammatory properties that largely fight off dandruff, lice, repel insects and larvae.
● Sedative - It has a calm euphoric scent used in aromatherapy and has a sedating effect that helps in reducing blood pressure and heart rates.
Conditioner - It increases the production of sebum in hair by stimulating the sebaceous glands which in turn keep the hair conditioned and healthy.


With all these incredible benefits, this essential oil greatly regulates hormones in women, is an
analgesic, aphrodisiac and is used to treat malaria in some parts of Asia. You would also definitely improve your hair care routine if you put a few drops in your shampoo or conditioner and continue using as you normally would. But be careful, there is a limit to how much you can use, it may have a few adverse side effects and may vary between individuals like; headaches or nausea. Pregnant women and children are to consult a primary health care provider before using essential oils.

With all that said, you can now see why this essential jewel had to make it in our powerful formula. However, please remember, DO NOT EVER USE THIS OR ANY OTHER ESSENTIAL OIL IN ITS RAW FORM. Always dilute it first as it is too potent in its raw state and can do more harm than good to your skin.



So what is an absolute extract, you might ask? It is not an essential oil, though they come from the same organic matter. An essential oil comes from steam distillation where heat is applied to extract minerals and vitamins through evaporation. An absolute extract however, is extracted by involving chemical solvents to get phytochemicals, nutrients, vitamins and other bioactive chemicals from the organic matter. Just like any essential oil though, it is not advisable to apply an absolute extract directly on the skin due to its raw nature and the harmful chemical solvents used to extract it. That said, there are some benefits that make Rose absolute extract great.

Antiseptic - As mentioned earlier the absolute extract is harmful when applied on the skin and could lead to irritation and or a hypersensitive reaction, let alone an open wound. This extract is however quite effective and potent but only if added to a carrier oil, like virgin olive oil or virgin coconut oil makes a very good antiseptic.
Anti-Depressant - A great way to utilise this extract in a holistic approach is as a stress reliever and an antidepressant is to dilute it in a carrier oil such as; Frankincense and in our case Ylang-Ylang essential oil. One should not experience any concerns if diluted properly. Naturally, roses relieve stress and anxiety, helping people relax so it would be a valuable commodity in hair products.

The uses of rose absolute extract are remarkable on the skin and also complements the hair as it infuses into the scalp. Can you imagine the luxurious damask rose scent mixed with the sensual aroma of Ylang- Ylang, carried by the fresh essence of coconut? H.G.E is true scalp luxury, handcrafted in the UK. We take pride in guaranteeing you that our formula will exceed expectations with it's one of a kind experience of aroma sensuality. The innovation we spearhead in uniquely balancing our formula and never simply mixing a concoction of distilled essential oil byproducts and scents with one of the most globally recognised carrier oils on the planet (coconut oil) is at the heart of our core mission, to advance natural and handcrafted African therapeutic cosmetics here in the UK and worldwide.

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