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  • How often should I use Midnight Roots' H.G.E formula on my scalp?
    To ensure maximised hair growth results with our #1 African Best Hair Growth Products for Black women – Midnight Roots, apply a generous amount of your H.G.E formula to all reduced hair growth areas daily. On cold, dry and windy days, we strongly advise carrying either a 60ml or 120ml with you and when your scalp is exposed to the environmental elements of where ever you may be located. Please keep hand sanitiser on you or be sure to sanitise fingers and hands before making contact with your H.G.E formula and applying to the scalp. If you have major reduced hair growth areas in any particular area of your scalp, you can apply your ointment throughout the day, up to a recommended 3 times.
  • Can Midnight Roots' H.G.E formula be used on children?
    No - do not use on any child underneath the age of 16.
  • What is the best way to store my scalp massage ointment?
    We recommend that you store your Midnight Roots in a cool and dry place. Please do not store your H.G.E Scalp Ointment Formula' in a warm, humid room or in direct line of sunlight. On high heat summer days, we highly recommend keeping your H.G.E Scalp Ointment Formula refrigerated, as it only take 2 - 3 minutes for the surface of your hardened ointment to liquidise into its easy to apply luxurious sensual texture. For more tips, see our web blog.
  • What is the shelf life of my scalp massage ointment?
    12 months
  • Where is H.G.E handcrafted and who handcrafts your cosmetic ?
    Our visionary - Ackeem Henry, has spent almost 5 years cultivating and developing our in-house handcrafting techniques with our signature tools, moretar and pestile. He, along with specially selected workshop asisstants oversee our batch making. Our signature handcrafting process has been assessed and legally finalised in the UK and our main office is a technological state of the art business facility converted into a cosmetic workshop and digital multimedia studio. Our hybrid space is securely located in a private residential associations building, above our ground floor concierge, several private first floor offices and residential apartments. Our main facility is authorised by Birmingham City Coucil, United Kingdom and our H.G.E Scalp Oinment Formula' and all on-going formulas are cosmetic product saftey assesed by Medic Pro Ltd.
  • Feedback
    At Midnight Roots, we strive to bring you luxury and world class results. We'd love to hear your thoughts about our cosmetics and future plans for cosmetic innovation.
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