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7 Best Ways to Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturised

Although having dry 4C hair seems to be normal but it does not have to be so. It is possible to have healthy natural hair that is well moisturised and we are going to show you how to achieve that in this post.

The reason why 4C hair seems to be always dry is the shape of the hair. It makes it difficult for the natural oil produced by our body to travel down the shaft to moisturise the hair and also for some set of people their scalps don't produce as much natural oils/sebum as it should which in turn causes dry hair but by following these effective moisturising routine it will help you keep your natural hair hydrated and flourishing.

1. Add Water to Your Hair Regularly

You should spritz water on your hair daily, it's one of the best things for your natural 4c hair. Although this may be contrary to what you already know, your natural hair loves water. This is one of the simplest routines, and yet one of the least expensive, to follow. You can use a spray bottle for this trick to keep your hair moisturised.

2. Always Drink Enough Water

One of the best things you can do not just for your hair but overall health is to drink enough water regularly. If you think adding water to your hair regularly is too much hard work, you can try staying hydrated by always drinking enough water. One of the ways to help you remember to drink enough water is to have a water bottle close by you at all times or set a timer to remind you.

3. Condition Your Hair Often

What conditioning does to your hair is that it helps it regain the moisture it might have lost during washing with shampoo. Shampoos usually leave the cuticles raised while a conditioner makes them flat again. We are a big lover of natural ingredients because that is what our products are made of so we advise that you always look for conditioners with natural ingredients.

5. Minimise Exposure To Heat

Some of the common sources of heat to natural hair include flat irons and dry blowers. Try as much as possible to avoid this heat treatment because they will only make your hair dry and brittle. Once your hair becomes dry, it may take a while for the natural oils to re-moisturise it.

6. Avoid Touching Your Hair All the Time

It is tempting to keep your hands away from your hair but if you want it to stay moisturised, you must resist the temptation and keep your hands out of your hair. Constantly touching your hair only causes it to dry out faster and you must avoid it.

7. LOC Method for Locking In Moisture

LOC method is an acronym for Liquid, Oil, and Cream and it is one of the most effective methods for keeping your natural hair moisturised. This method is simple. The first step is using a water-based product to add moisture followed by oil that acts as a sealant for the moisture, and the cream is the final treatment to close the cuticle and prevent loss of moisture.

In conclusion, these methods are very easy to integrate into your regular hair care routine and nothing is stopping you from implementing them.

You can also try out our one of a kind plant-based organic H.G.E to help nourish your scalp follicles and restore balance to your hair growth.



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