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How to maintain a healthy scalp: 7 hair care tips you'll love.

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

When it comes to skin and skincare routines, the scalps skin, receives the least attention and care. Many don't consider it of importance and to some, it's a once in a while affair, but did you know that the health of your scalp impacts the overall wellbeing of your hair? To maintain a healthy scalp, one free of dandruff, itching or bumps in extreme cases, the tips listed below are of great importance.

Have a Cleansing Routine

To maintain a healthy scalp, it is best to wash your hair every two to three days, to reduce oil and dirt clogging up your follicles. If it is not practical due to your daily lifestyle and you are not able to wash your hair this frequently than this may lead to dryness of your scalp without any efforts of maintaining healthy scalp hydration, which is key to hair growth. The use of gentle shampoo is advised so your hair can retain its natural oil or apply our signature H.G.E massage ointment to your scalp daily to prevent reduced hair growth.

Keep the moisture and oils balanced

The scalp produces natural oils which keep it moisturised and healthy. Once the scalp loses these oils, it becomes dry and damaged most times. This is why you are advised not to wash your scalp too hard or daily and washing shouldn't be done more than three times a week. Should you notice any form of dryness on your scalp, you might have to revisit your cleansing routine, switch to a gentler shampoo are may benefit from using our scalp massage ointment for follicle nourishment. You can apply H.G.E as often as required. This can help get rid of dryness and/or dandruff while keeping your scalp in its most healthy state.

Take Omega-3 supplement and more antioxidants diet

Many believe that consuming fish has a great impact on hair growth and can prevent hair loss. Omega-3 and fish oils help in stimulating circulation in the scalp and reduces inflammation that could lead to hair loss. You are advised to talk to your doctor or a trichologist to be sure a supplement is appropriate for you and which is needed by you. You may need to eat more antioxidants because oxidative stress can affect the health of your scalp, thereby leading to hair loss. Antioxidants are best gotten from fruits and vegetables and you should aim to get as many as you can get from nature by eating a wide variety of these fruits and vegetables.

Keep the PH balanced and exfoliate regularly

When the pH of your scalp is balanced, bacteria and fungi are kept off. A pH of 4 to 5 is ideal for a healthy scalp. This makes the hair pores be tightened and prevents hair damage. You are advised to stay away from harsh products and do well to consult a professional often. Remember how beneficial exfoliating your skin is, it's the same for your scalp. Regular removal of dead cells from the scalp helps keep your follicles clean and helps your hair to grow well. By brushing your hair daily, gentle massages on the scalp while shampooing will altogether improve blood circulation on the scalp and remove dead skin cells. The application of an exfoliating scrub once a month is also beneficial.

Avoid harmful haircare products

To improve the health of your scalp, do well to avoid products that contain sulfates, mineral oil, alcohols, silicones, or fragrances because some of these ingredients strip your hair of its natural oils, thereby leading to scalp dryness example, sulfates. Alcohol and fragrances can equally remove moisture from your hair leaving it dry and frizzy. Harsh chemicals such as dyes or bleach should be avoided too. It can cause damages to your hair scalp.

Protect your scalp.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause severe damage to your scalp and in turn, leads to hair thinning. The less hair you have, the higher the risk of your scalp being damaged by UV rays. Your best bet is to protect the scalp from the get-go from intense temperature and harmful chemicals. Wearing a cap or hat when outdoor for prolonged hours is highly recommended.

Use Conditioners

Conditioners are like the moisturisers you apply on your skin, they are of good benefits for a healthy scalp and hair generally. Many, often avoid the application of conditioners due to fear of it weighing down their hair or making their scalp more oily than necessary. This shouldn't prevent you from feeding your scalp with the right organics. After shampooing, you ought to apply a conditioner that helps prevent dryness, weak hair strands, and sometimes itching.

The health of your scalp determines the health of your hair because your scalp is like the soil in which your hair grows; keep it healthy and rich.


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