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Less is More.

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

At the heart of Midnight Roots, our founder is a visionary and has innovated in ways, ahead of his time and beyond when it comes to creating a luxurious scalp, hair growth and beauty products for our esteemed customers. That said, we also appreciate simplicity in a world full of complicated experiences. We fully understand that a lot of black women globally have been misinformed, and think that hair needs a lot of products to remain nourished and growing. We are all too willing to debunk that misconception. We simply added what is needed to nourish your scalp to improve your natural hair growth. Because of the kinky nature of African hair, product build-up is always a recurring issue and we opted to make a product that had only three natural ingredients to solve this problem, truly giving meaning to the saying, less is more. Here is the reason why the ingredients we use are enough for maximised and healthy hair volume growth.

One Carrier Oil.

Our carrier oil of choice is the cold pressed virgin coconut oil. Cold pressing is the process where oil is extracted from seeds at room temperature, naturally without the use of any chemicals. There are very many carrier oils but none like coconut oil. This oil can be used on its own and can also be mixed with other oils for optimal results hence the name ‘carrier oil.’

It has antibacterial and antifungal properties which are great in fighting off dandruff and lice while keeping the scalp clean. It is highly penetrative moisturizing, conditioning and adding shine to your hair. It is also the only oil on earth that reduces protein loss from hair thus making your strands stronger for longer. Lest we forget, it is easily available in grocery stores and smells divine.

One Essential Oil.

Our essential oil comes from the ylang-ylang star-shaped flower of the canaga odorata genuina tree that is native in the Philippines, Malaysia and other parts of Asia. Today, it is grown in Madagascar, the Comoros islands and island of Mayotte.

Ylang-ylang essential oil stimulates the scalp promoting blood flow which makes the scalp healthy whilst enhancing a healthy hair growth process by activating the hair follicles. This essential gem also aids in the production of sebum which keeps hair conditioned and health.

Additionally, it has a therapeutic scent used in aromatherapy as a sedative, in reducing stress, anxiety and significantly reduce stress induced hair loss. Moreover, its scent has been known to bring about feelings of calm and relaxation and is also widely used in balancing hormones in women.

One Extract.

Our extract of choice is Rose absolute also known as Rosa Damascene. It is not the same as Rose-hip essential oil though they come from the same organic matter. Absolutes are extracted through solvent extraction that mainly targets the separation of metals and other compounds that cannot be extracted via steam distillation as is the case with essential oils.

Rose absolute works to strengthen hair from the roots making it strong while reducing breakage. It has healing properties that prevent scalp inflammation and keep the scalp hydrated. It also boasts a wide spectrum of antimicrobial abilities that combat bacteria and fungi. Much like ylang-ylang essential oil, Rose Absolute has a healing scent that brings about calm and relaxation.


Midnight Roots aims to epitomised the true meaning of a luxurious product that works aids dry scalps in increasing hair length and best part is we only needed three uniquely powerful ingredients to do that. These ingredients are great on their own but together, they form an indestructible bond that we have been able to harness the power of. Say goodbye to all that product build up and embrace a truly remarkable experience.


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