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Who is BeL’Yv ?

Music has always been a part of Africa’s history. It tells the story of Africans and where they’re coming from. In Africa, music transcends melodies and rhythm. Music is Africa’s heritage and culture. Music is one of the ways Africans communicate emotions, values, and identify with one another. In Africa, music is spiritual and connects to the very essence of its existence.

However, African music has gone beyond its borders and the world cannot deny its presence. Africans are quickly dominating the industry both home and abroad and it is something worth celebrating. Therefore, today we’ll be looking at one of Cameroon’s finest talents as our way of recognising the global influence of Africa’s music industry.

Join us today as we find out more about Belinga "Bel'Yv" who is BeL’Yv you might recently be wondering? BeL’Yv is one of Africa’s finest Cameroonian music artists, currently signed with Sessua Entertainment. Some of her works include “Fidel”, “Magie”, and “Petit Joueur.”

She uses music as a tool to address some of the issues in society. In an interview with BeL’Yv, she told us how her music career started. According to her, she wanted to be an actress at first and not a musician. However, her mother did not want her to become either of these even though she has the potential to become a great singer already. It was in her third year of studying law in the university that she finally fell in love with music while singing the chorus for amateur rappers.

Again, we asked her about her source of inspiration and she said she finds insight from life generally and her daily life. In her word, “some songs tell about my sorrow, my anger, and the feelings of others.” And for someone like her who is in love with music, she said she’ll probably be a shopkeeper if she’s not into music. This is something she still has a plan for in addition to her music.

Now, talking about passion and her work, we try to find out the favourite aspect of her work. She said it’s the fact that she never gets tired of music. According to her own words, “I do it with all my heart. I love music!” She also has some musicians who inspire her. She loves Grace Decca for her sensuality, Annie Anzouer for her strong voice, Beyonce for her charisma, and Almok for her self-confidence. And, of course, she loves herself, too.

Furthermore, we asked her about what she thinks about black people globally embracing their African heritage and she believes that “Africa is the world of tomorrow and the strength of tomorrow.” Therefore, she believes that Africans must believe and work towards this. Also, she promised to continue reminding global black Africa about this through her music.

She’s already worked with some musicians but we asked which musician she would like to work with and she mentioned the likes of Fally Ipupa, Tayc, and Wizkid. And for her fans, you should be expecting that very soon, she would export her music out of Africa and go global. She’s been putting a lot of effort into it lately and she’ll start with an EP, then an album.

Again, her advice to black people is to embrace their heritage and get to know the rich diversity in our cultures. She also said that Africans should embrace good morals and don’t lie to each other. And from her words, “Africans are kings and queens. True ambassadors of our continent! We know our values and we have everything here. We can do everything in Africa.”

Finally, she has this to say to her fans, “Let’s be ourselves and be proud. When you know who you are, you can do anything! Nothing can stop you!



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