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Why are we the diaspora’s first African Luxury Cosmetics brand ?

More and more black women around the world are beginning to associate with their culture and heritage. Gone are the days when we believe we must change our look before we can be beautiful. Women of African ethnicity are now embracing and promoting that we are beautiful just the way we are and we are.

The European and American manufacturers once dominated the beauty industry, supplying the whole world including Africans. But the problem was that these brands were not meeting the needs of the black African women. Many products are essentially chemical-based which may be harmful to the body. This has made Africans rise up and introduce her own beauty products. These products are not only meeting the specific needs of Africans and women of the diaspora but also changing the game with its natural and organic content.

There have been several African brands rising and making news but their focus has been predominantly on the African continent. If you desire scalp and hair cosmetic products from a brand that didn’t just focus on the mother land, but is also for the global African diaspora, then it is Midnight Roots. We know that no one with an African root should be left out so we did not limit our focus on Africa but all black women of full African ancestry, internationally.

Our core vision, drives us to create world-class scalp, hair & beauty care cosmetic experience that can compete on the global afro hair care market. We are the diasporas first because we do not simply focus on the formulas, but the cultivation of African cosmetic culture and nurturing our customers understanding of common contributing factors to reduced hair growth amongst black African women world wide. That is why we have been able to create a cosmetic that does not only meet African scalp care needs but also reflects our African heritage and our diverse cultural ethnicity.

Our signature H.G.E Scalp Ointment Formula’ is a small handcrafted batch, made once every few weeks heading into 2021, ensuring the highest quality to guarantee you reclaim your true scalp health and maximise your hair growth. We are able to become the world’s first African luxury brand, offering in depth scientific black British excellence, given life by the heart of our research; written and shared across a range of digital online channels for a dynamic audience experience.

Our message is clear and incomparable. We know that all black women deserve to connect back to their black African heritage that is why we have created a world class product to make you feel at home. We are ever-growing and we are not limited. Established in the United Kingdom, we are the world’s first African luxury cosmetics brand and we remain striving to be the best.

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