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Why you should store H.G.E. in a cool and dry place. . .

Black women want to embrace their natural hair and now, spearheading our scientific innovation, we created a product that works. Midnight Roots H.G.E. is a scalp massage ointment formula that works especially on kinky-afro hair types. It is made from unique ingredients to promote a healthier scalp and fuller nourished hair growth.

One of the things that differentiate H.G.E. from other conventional hair products is that it is made from natural ingredients to promote African heritage. Conventional hair products are synthetic; they are preserved with chemical additives to extend the shelf life. The disadvantage of this is that some of these chemicals are harmful and may cause allergic reactions or irritation on people who use them or even worse...promote hair loss.

However, without these chemicals, you can still increase the shelf life of H.G.E. and its effectiveness through smarter storage. Although our ointments are stored in amber glass that can have the advantage of preventing the penetration of Ultraviolet light rays that damage the composition of your cosmetic, the benefits of storing H.G.E. in a cool and dry place cannot be over emphasised.

Just like the synthetic components of the conventional hair products, the natural ingredients of H.G.E. contains active components that are sensitive to temperature fluctuation. Constant increase and decrease in temperature will lead to thermal degradation therefore making some of the ingredients inactive.

The best ways to store H.G.E. is to store away from direct sunlight. Storing H.G.E. under direct exposure to sunlight can cause the temperature to increase and damage the active ingredients that and sensitive to heat. Another disadvantage of direct exposure to sunlight is the Ultraviolet radiation that can break down the chemical composition of the product. To increase the shelf life of H.G.E., store it in cabinets, drawers or boxes with lid. This will help you remain organised and also prevent your product from excessive heat.

Another way is to store H.G.E. away from humid areas. Environments that have high humidity is as bad for your product as those with high temperature are, so keeping your scalp massage ointment in your handbag on a hot summers day is a no, no. Humid environments are suitable for bacteria growth and it may deteriorate your product and reduce the shelf life. One of the places that experience the greatest fluctuation of humidity in your house is your bathroom. It seems like the normal thing to do but keeping your H.G.E. out of your bathroom may help you increase the shelf life. Each time you use the bathroom, the space steams up so you should make your cabinet outside the bathroom or any other place that is easily accessible for you.

We strongly promote refrigerating your ointment for at least 2 – 3 hours on receiving before use if you have received your ointment on a warm or hot day before opening to avoid fluid spillage. Our signature H.G.E scalp massage ointment is a cold-pressed ointment, so be advised to allow for a cool flow of air to reach your ointment – near a window draft or breeze. A warm and humid bedroom is not at all an ideal space for storing luxury cosmetics. Ensure room ventilation, as your bed room should always have an influx of fresh air to ensure healthy respiration. Of course, your blood requires oxygen when you sleep.

We care for you that is why we want you to gain the most from our signature Midnight Roots’ H.G.E. scalp massage experience.



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