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The signature H.G.E. Scalp Ointment Formula is an ancient royal afro cosmetic product for an African crowns maximised hair growth - Midnight Roots offers our cold-pressed scalp massage ointment in Royal Sumptuous' 60ml jar. Cold-pressed handcrafted with intrinsic natural oils and extracts, it's enough to grace the scalp's key reduced hair growth areas with a healthy supply of nourishment up to twice daily for 2 to 3 months. H.G.E is uniquely balanced for a luxury life style living, beauty therapists or transitioning naturalists scalp care and hair growth routine. H.G.E is best for black African women who may not necessarily suffer with a damaged scalp, but are challenged in gaining increased hair volume and length. Bask your kinks and curls in this scalp ointment formula and embrace your roots with traditional hands on massaging techniques. Whilst restoring strength and shine to your hair, experience the luxurious quality of this organic and natural cosmetic.

H.G.E Scalp Massage Ointment 60ml


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