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Growing up, wash days were never fun. The constant tagging and pulling, the all too tight braids and worse, the chemical relaxing and texturizing was just a nightmare. Who remembers their mother trying to relax their hair at a very early age? Do you remember “Tell me when it starts burning” knowing fully well that it started burning ten minutes into the application? The uneducated way that people viewed African hair is honestly sad. There has been a huge misconception that black hair is ugly, unattractive

and even unmanageable. Thank God for the twenty-first century, the technology, information and even black owned brands and companies have completely revolutionized and awakened a need for black consciousness. Midnight Roots is one of the brands that is spreading that kind of black hair love to our customers by offering them quality natural products.

No worries if you have insecurities about your hair, don’t we all? We all have fantasies of what we feel our hair should look like so it is totally okay if the relationship you have with your hair is not a harmonious one. Curl patterns, texture, knots and tangles, wash day, the constant battle to retain moisture and even how long it takes to style or manage can be a real struggle for most people with most of them not willing to commit to natural hair as it is too much work. Some even go as far as not loving their hair because the society expects a sleek neat hair.

The good news is that there can never be another you. You are one of a kind and we at Midnight Roots Sare willing to guide you through the hard times with our expert products and make your transition easy and fun. First of all, get to know your hair and scalp. Know your hair type, density, porosity and especially know what it needs. Identify what you are allergic to and what does not work for your hair type and scalp. This is the first step to making everything easy and manageable.

A wash day routine is so important to any natural hair queen. This is where you know exactly what products work for your hair. Look for products that have been liberated from sulphates, GMOs and even silicones. Remember that we all have routines and no two are the same, what works for you may not work for another. If you really want to see results, for starters commit completely and keep in mind that consistency is key. You might think that you do not have time for a routine but you do so the sooner you commit the faster you see results.

Secondly, have a lot of patience. Moisturize as often as you need to, whether it’s every night or every other night, Midnight Roots can give you the time you need to be consistent helping you reach your scalp and hair goals. We understand you want to see significant hair growth but always know that your hair and scalp will always choose health versus length. Perfect your wash day routine, eat right, try working out and take your vitamins. When your hair is healthy, it will grow.

No matter what you grew into, what you’ve heard or even how people view your kinky natural hair, look at yourself in the mirror, feel your hair and tell yourself this… “I am beautiful, I am one of a kind, I love my hair, my hair is beautiful, and I love the crown on my head.” Affirm it yourself every day and take the necessary steps toward achieving a healthy hair journey. Think about it, what is a crown really? Isn’t a crown made up of precious jewels of different sizes and colours and beautiful? Same with our hair, be it

kinky, curly, wavy or anything in between is just a thing of beauty.

At Midnight Roots we believe that you can reach your scalp and hair goals with self-love, luxury and traditional hands on scalp care and consistency. Take time and nourish your scalp each night while reflecting on your hair journey with our H.G.E formula. Gently massage the ointment into your scalp, take in the oh so therapeutic aroma and go back to your roots after midnight. Soak in the glory that is your crown and embrace the queen you were always meant to be.


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