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The Power of Three

It’s all about the formula… Keep reading to find out more.

Our team has created a purely natural yet powerful hair enhancement growth formula that has only three ingredients. Ylang-ylang essential oil, rose absolute extract and organic virgin coconut oil are the main ingredients that make up our H.G.E. formula. When combined, these ingredients create a potent ointment that delivers world class results. This clinically formulated power of three is the impeccable combination for your natural hair as part of your everyday luxury scalp care lifestyle. To take a more detailed observation to the science behind our formula, it replenishes the moisture and lipids naturally found in hair.

Understanding Hair.

The surface of healthy hair is covered in a lipid coating called F-layer; which is outer most layer and acts as a natural conditioner, keeping it shiny and moist. When hair is damaged and the F-layer is stripped away, hair becomes dry and frizzy. That’s where our formula comes in and returns it back to its former state and beyond.

African hair is very fine when you are younger and is more prone to tangles and frizzing up. As we grow older though, it becomes tougher and the most conditioned and best part of your hair is the roots. The ends need much more love than the roots due to overexposure to elements, heat tools and over manipulation. The constant use of colorants, relaxers and texturizers attack the protein cells in the hair altering the texture. This is because protein cells such as the matrix, cortex and cuticle are responsible for keeping the hair strong, but when they get damaged, more breakage and extensive damage is imminent.

The scalp is also badly damaged leading to conditions like high porosity; which is the cuticle being badly open , and this is when products are easily absorbed by the scalp but are lost just as quick since the cuticle remains open. Since most products focus solely on hair, the scalp is neglected and dermatological problems occur.

Lest we forget, the scalp is also part of the skin. That said, hormonal imbalance happens the older we get, leading to drier scalp and subsequently, drier hair. Shine in hair goes beyond products, and when the scalp and hair is damaged, it is dull and light is not deflected from the damaged hair fibre.

The Properties Combined.

We took a more practical approach when coalescing the properties in our H.G.E formula. Firstly, we can assertively guarantee that dry and itchy scalp will be a thing of the past with this formula since moisture is retained throughout the day. Moreover, less product build-up has also been eradicated leading to a cleaner scalp for longer hence, more hair growth. Finally, for the avid users, the revelation of your true curl pattern reveals itself in a spectacular fashion.

The Ylang-ylang in the formula has the potential of percolating into your scalp and further stimulating it by activating hair follicles. Balancing the oil secretions from the sebaceous glands and reducing the wet and oily sensation, ylang-ylang oil inevitably improves thickness and lustre. It also balances hormones thus the scalp does not break out or get inflamed. It contains properties like Benzyl benzoate, Geranyl acetate and Cryophellene that are responsible for general scalp health. This essential oil had to make it in our composition for its healing properties and therapeutic aroma.

Rose Absolute oil prevents the inflammation of the scalp which is ideal for itchy scalps It also promotes hydration of the scalp which is great for hair growth. Its medicinal properties and euphoric scent help reduce blood pressure and heart rates.

Coconut oil has antibacterial properties that keep scalp clean and tidy with the use of lauric acid within the oil. When it is absorbed, it converts to a substance called monolaurin which can kill harmful pathogens such as bacteria and fungi. And the best part, is the fact that it is one of the most powerful carrier oils on earth. It significantly reduces protein loss from hair, would ever wish for anything more?

Why Choose Us?

Black hair products have always been readily available but a large number of products have included unnatural and harmful chemicals. Natural hair care products use ingredients that are great for your hair, smell incredible and make you feel good, in that case they should not contain parabens, SLS, MI (Methylisothiazolinone). These chemicals are toxic and can cause an allergic reaction. Moreover, the most recent research conducted this year by the silent spring institute, revealed that 80% of black hair

products tested, contained endocrine disrupting chemicals that can cause asthma, fibroids, infertility and even cancer. The products tested ranged from leave-in conditioners, anti-frizz products, hot oil treatments to relaxers. The most worrying part of all it was revealed that 84% of the chemicals found were not even listed on the products.

Midnight Roots has taken the initiative to not only research on our ingredients, but to also test them out and see how they work combined. We started our journey back in 2017 and have perfected this formula by patience and resilience. We understand a growing need in the natural hair community for hair growth remedies so we worked hard to deliver a formula that exceeds expectations while still maintaining your hair, scalp and general health.

As a parting shot, ensure that you go for products that are healthy and whose ingredients you can confidently vouch for. Try our 60ml pack for a patch test and start your journey today. There you have it, the incredible power of three from Midnight Roots. We hope to see you all on the longer, healthier and happier side. Join us and change your hair journey forever.


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